Vonage Vs. Allvoi

by admin on October 5, 2011

Vonage Vs Allvoi

Before comparing the two services, let me answer some basic questions to help you understand what I mean.

AllVoi What is Vonage?

Vonage AllVoi both IP phone service provider. It is, instead of traditional phone services, they offer phone service over your existing Internet connection.

How does it work?

You get an adapter with the service provider is connected to your modem or wireless router to the Internet. Then you connect your phone to set this adapter instead of the normal phone jack in your home. To work after the phone will start as usual.

What are the benefits?

You do not have to pay for an extra phone line and you will receive a fixed monthly bill plan to talk to an unlimited time, including more international calls.The advantage is the reduction of phone bill that you get with these services.

What are the disadvantages?

Your call quality will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. In case you do not have broadband Internet access it will not work.

I had to get an IP phone connection recently and looked for Vonage and AllVoi plans and services. Here are the things I found

plan: Vonage offers an unlimited plan $ 25 pm, USA, Canda, and 60 countries. India is the country most remarkable those.Allvoi offers a flat rate $ 18 pm, USA, Canda, and 60 countries. India is the country most notable of these promotion. Vonage offers a marketing plan where you pay only month.Allvoi $ 15 for the first three to such a promotion right now. Referral: Vonage provides a reference plane where you and the person calling you one month free, it connects via your referral.Allvoi allows you unlimited calls to the person you are sponsoring, which is useless if you will. flat rate for the United States, Canada and other countries call quality: This is an IP phone, your call quality depends more on your Internet Service Provider such as quality, however, some of my experiences of friends with the rise of Vonage and drops call problems with the call to international numbers. These cases are many in number, but they are also Allvoi customer service from Vonage. customer service Vonage and the site is better than Allvoi. I encountered problems, Allvoi register on the site while trying to connect the adapter Cost: As part of the promotion continues Vonage adapter is that it is free and only $ 10 a regular service that charged.Where Allvoi adapter costs $ 24 plus shipping $ 12 for what is imposed is the total cost up to $ 50

so, what should I do? choose

If you consider all the costs for Vonage points is slightly higher in the long run compared Allvoi , but better customer service and the transfer system is Vonage is a better option Just some links to Vonage and it starts with less Allvoi

* For the record :. . I choose Vonage and I am pleased with the quality of the connection so far. content

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